GOST 28343-89 Flanged steel ball valves. Technical requirements

GOST 9702-87 Conical and ball valves. Basic parameters.

GOST 21345-78 Conical, ball and cylindrical valves for Pnom to ≈16 MPa . General specification

GOST 28908-91 Ball and butterfly valves. End-to-end, face-to-face dimension.

GOST 14187-84 Conical valves. End-to-end, face-to-face dimension.

ANSI – American National Standard Institute
ASME – American Society of Mechanical Engineers

B16.11 Forged steel fitting socket-welding and threaded.
B16.5 Steel pipe flanges and flanged fittings.
B16.10 Face-to-face and end to end dimensions of ferrous valves.
B16.25 Butt welding ends.
B16.34 Steel valves – Flanged and butt welding ends.
B16.47 Large diameter steel flanges (NPS 26 through NPS 60)
B31.3 Chemical plant and petroleum refinery piping system.
B31.4 Liquid petroleum transportation piping systems.
B31.8 Gas transmission and distribution piping systems.

ASTM – American Society for Testing Materials

01.01 Steel piping, tubing and fittings.
01.02 Ferrous casting; Ferro alloys.
02.01 Copper and Copper alloys.
02.04 Nichel and Nichel alloys.
03.01 Metals – Mechanical testing;
Elevated & low temperature test;
03.03 Nondestructive testing

API – American Petroleum Institute

Spec. 6A Specification for wellhead and christmas tree equipment.
Spec. 6D Specification fot pipeline valves.
Spec. RP6F Recommended practice for fire testing of valves.
Spec. 6FA Specification for firetesting of valves.
Std. 598 Valve inspection and test.
Std. 605 Large diameter carbon steel flanges.
Std. 607 Fire test for soft seated quarter-turn valves.
API Specification 6DSS / ISO 14723, Subsea Pipeline Valves


BS 1560 Steel pipe flanges and flanged fittings.
BS 2080 Face-to-face, centre-to-face, end-to-end, and centre-to-end dimension of flanged and butt-welding end steel valves for the
petroleum, petrochemical and allied industries.
BS 4504 Flanges and bolthings for pipes valves and fittings.
BS 5146 Inspection and test of steel valves for the petroleum, petrochemical and allied industries.
BS 5351 Steel ball valves for the petroleum, petrochemical and allied industries.
BS 6755 Testing of valves.

MSS – Manufactures Standardization Society

SP 6 Standard finishes for contact faces of pipe flanges and connecting – end flanges of valves and fittings.
SP 25 Standard marking system for valves fittings, flanges and unions.
SP 44 Steel pipeline flanges.
SP 55 Quality standard for steel castings – visual method.
SP 61 Hydrostatic testing of steel velves.
SP 72 Ball valves with flanged or butt – welding ends for general service.

NACE – National Association of Corrosion Engineers

MR-01-75 Sulfide stress cracking resistant metallic materials for oil field equipment.